KONO Tomokazu (Japan)Japanese name(s): 河野友和
3 tournaments
18 results
Rated 746 in Japan and 894 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1172 in the World
Latest rating: 1098
  • 2019
2019-07-21: 76_Tatebayashi_open(Japan)
YAMAMOTO Kunihiro56-08KONO Tomokazu
IWAKURA Hiroaki64-00KONO Tomokazu
SASAGE Tatsunari46-18KONO Tomokazu
KONO Tomokazu52-12KURAMOTO Atsushi
KONO Tomokazu50-14YAMASHITA Kimiyo
KONO Koudai40-24KONO Tomokazu
2019-05-12: 75_Tatebayashi_open(Japan)
HASEGAWA Takeshi53-11KONO Tomokazu
KONO Tomokazu46-18ISHIZUKA Takahiro
ARAI Toshiko55-09KONO Tomokazu
KONO Tomokazu39-25HARADA Hiraku
KAWAKAMI Eiichi48-16KONO Tomokazu
KONO Tomokazu34-30KONO Koudai
2019-03-31: 74_Tatebayashi_open(Japan)
MATSUMOTO Makoto64-00KONO Tomokazu
KASUTA Hitoshi34-30KONO Tomokazu
YANO Yasushi45-19KONO Tomokazu
KONO Tomokazu51-13HARADA Hiraku
OHUCHI Yasuhiro48-16KONO Tomokazu
KOBAYASHI Hinasho38-26KONO Tomokazu