YUZUKI Asahura (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 柚木朝陽
4 tournaments
22 results
Player ID: 15260
Rated 772 in Japan and 915 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1180 in the World
Latest rating: 1424
2020-01-25: 145_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
OGINO Takeru46-18YUZUKI Asahura
MIYAMOTO Sukehiro45-19YUZUKI Asahura
HASHIMOTO Meiko37-27YUZUKI Asahura
ISHII Kanari39-25YUZUKI Asahura
TANAKA Chikako62-02YUZUKI Asahura
YUZUKI Asahura34-30TAKYAMA Kasa
2020-01-05: 116_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
YUZUKI Asahura51-13HIRAI Aori
KASHIMA Reisuke43-21YUZUKI Asahura
YUZUKI Asahura41-23TANAKA Yukako
AOKI Kunio44-20YUZUKI Asahura
HAIGOU Sayasu37-27YUZUKI Asahura
2020-01-04: Shinagawa_open(Japan)
KANO Chihiro60-04YUZUKI Asahura
TANAKA Chikako48-16YUZUKI Asahura
YUZUKI Asahura36-28AIKAWA Yuta
ISHIKAWA Akira56-08YUZUKI Asahura
ISHII Kanari33-31YUZUKI Asahura
2019-09-01: 114_Sendai_open(Japan)
YUZUKI Asahura50-14NAKAMURA Kazuhiro
IMAI Toa35-29YUZUKI Asahura
HAIGOU Sayasu43-21YUZUKI Asahura
SHIOMI Kento52-12YUZUKI Asahura
NISHIKUBO Hiroshi51-13YUZUKI Asahura