OHIRA Masatake (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 大平昌毅
3 tournaments
15 results
Player ID: 15400
Rated 317 in Japan and 379 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 488 in the World
Latest rating: 1784
2023-06-25: 83_Sapporo_open(Japan)
SASAKI Sohei48-16OHIRA Masatake
OHIRA Masatake41-23OKABAYASHI Noguchi
OHIRA Masatake43-21YAMADA Yukie
KIMURA Yamaji40-24OHIRA Masatake
OHIRA Masatake36-28YAMADA Fumio
TAKENOBU Kosuke46-18OHIRA Masatake
2021-12-05: 80_Niigata_conf(Japan)
UMEZAWA Yoshinori49-15OHIRA Masatake
OHIRA Masatake33-31TANAKA Yuki
KOBAYASHI Manabu51-13OHIRA Masatake
YOSHIDA Taisaku38-26OHIRA Masatake
2021-10-24: 47_Niigata_challenge_cup(Japan)
OHIRA Masatake50-14NAGATA Yuuya
UMEDA Yuwa40-24OHIRA Masatake
OHIRA Masatake41-23IWASAKA Ryuji
HASHIMOTO Yuuta34-30OHIRA Masatake
OHIRA Masatake56-08NAGATA Subaru