YAP Stery (Malaysia)
2 tournaments
14 results
Rated 6 in Malaysia and 556 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 671 in the World
Latest rating: 1807
2016-06-05: Singapore National Othello Championship 2016(Singapore)
YEO Yik Feng31-33YAP Stery
YAP Stery22-42ONG Jia Jun Edmund
KOH Bo Xiang53-11YAP Stery
YAP Stery34-30RUSLI Hendry
SIA Cheng Yong32-32YAP Stery
YAP Stery21-43WIRAWAN Daniel
NGIAM Zhen Wei15-49YAP Stery
2014-08-31: 2014 Hong Kong Othello Championship(Hong-Kong)
WONG Andy14-50YAP Stery
YAP Stery35-29YANG Kelvin
CHAN LIK Fung48-16YAP Stery
YAP Stery22-42LI Chun Wan
FANG Randy52-12YAP Stery
YAP Stery22-42WONG Chi Wah
LAM Terry12-52YAP Stery