2 tournaments
13 results
Player ID: 20054
Rated 11 in USA and 25 in North&South America and 806 in the World
Latest rating: 1365
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee
2023-08-122023-08-13: US National(USA)
BAUER Caroline51-13GREEN Lewis
GREEN Lewis19-45SANO Yoko
KATZMAN Sharon03-61GREEN Lewis
GREEN Lewis13-51MAHER Jason
GREEN Lewis51-13GENTILE Eddie
MOFFETT Mitch50-14GREEN Lewis
GREEN Lewis38-26BISHOP Robert
2022-07-29: USOA National Championship 2022(USA)
GREEN Lewis08-56ROSE Brian
PLATT Jared38-26GREEN Lewis
GREEN Lewis30-34RUBY Kevin
MAHER Jason13-51GREEN Lewis
GREEN Lewis49-15MAHER Ethan
KATZMAN Sharon41-23GREEN Lewis