AUYOK Sean (Singapore)
2 tournaments
14 results
Rated 38 in Singapore and 887 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1108 in the World
Latest rating: 1478
2017-09-24: 17th Singapore Open 2017(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit43-21AUYOK Sean
AUYOK Sean11-53LOK Darren
WANG Hanchu27-37AUYOK Sean
AUYOK Sean43-21LIM Shi Xuan
LOKE Zhen Yang20-44AUYOK Sean
AUYOK Sean22-42KWEK Jin Xiang
LOW Kang Sheng33-31AUYOK Sean
2013-08-24: Singapore Championship(Singapore)
CHEW Ching Wuen59-05AUYOK Sean
AUYOK Sean03-61NG Hui Wen
CHEANG Eu Howe Gabriel49-15AUYOK Sean
AUYOK Sean22-42NOV Choun
AUYOK Sean14-50KWAN Kin Wain
LIM Yaohui39-25AUYOK Sean
CHUA Zi Wei58-06AUYOK Sean