RUSLI Hendry (Singapore)
2 tournaments
13 results
Rated 40 in Singapore and T942 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1207 in the World
Latest rating: 1338
2016-06-05: Singapore National Othello Championship 2016(Singapore)
RUSLI Hendry16-48KRAIKOKIT Thammatorn
WONG Ci Siang44-20RUSLI Hendry
RUSLI Hendry59-05CHAN Angela
YAP Stery34-30RUSLI Hendry
RUSLI Hendry34-30CHU Chee Chin
NG Hui Wen50-14RUSLI Hendry
ONG Jia Jun Edmund59-05RUSLI Hendry
2015-11-01: 12th Singapore Open(Singapore)
RUSLI Hendry24-40MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim
GUNAWAN Georgius Gary21-43RUSLI Hendry
RUSLI Hendry20-44ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson
KER Ming Han57-07RUSLI Hendry
RUSLI Hendry36-28GOSTI Kenfrand
RUSLI Hendry16-48IRAWAN Henry