NG Beatrice (Singapore)

2 tournaments
13 results
Player ID: 250200
Rated 30 in Singapore and 484 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 652 in the World
Latest rating: 1612
2022-06-19: Singapore National Championship(Singapore)
GOH Jun Jie Anthony50-14NG Beatrice
NG Beatrice19-45KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
TAY YI An22-42NG Beatrice
NG Beatrice09-55WIRAWAN Daniel
NG Beatrice38-26YONG Jian Rong
LIM JIA YING Gabrielle63-01NG Beatrice
2019-07-20: Singapore Schools Championship(Singapore)
CHAI Zheng Khoon37-27NG Beatrice
NG Beatrice42-22B ABDULLAH Muhammad Irfan
NG Beatrice34-30CHIA Zhen Yang
FAN Glenn43-21NG Beatrice
NG Beatrice55-09BTE ABDUL KALAM Nur Athirah
WEE Jacintha46-18NG Beatrice
NG Beatrice37-27HOO Rae En