LING Wen Jian (Singapore)

2 tournaments
12 results
Player ID: 250261
Rated 33 in Singapore and 573 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 817 in the World
Latest rating: 1291
2022-06-19: Singapore National Championship(Singapore)
CHONG Sky50-14LING Wen Jian
LING Wen Jian22-42YONG Jian Rong
KOH DING SHENG Calvin31-33LING Wen Jian
LING Wen Jian20-44LIM JIA YING Gabrielle
LING Wen Jian14-50TAN Yee Hsien
ONG Leonardo Ding Chao45-19LING Wen Jian
2019-09-01: Singapore University Games(Singapore)
NG Cheng-Ann Winston10-54LING Wen Jian
TAN Lai Heng47-17LING Wen Jian
ONG Wai Boon15-49LING Wen Jian
SINHA Sourish15-49LING Wen Jian
SIEW Tze Kang Julian53-11LING Wen Jian
TAN Lai Heng37-27LING Wen Jian