KOH Carnegie (Singapore)

1 tournaments
13 results
Player ID: 250296
Rated 33 in Singapore and 654 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 958 in the World
Latest rating: 700
  • 2023
2023-06-23: Asia Pacific Othello Championship 2023(Mongolia)
KOH Carnegie08-56BATSUKH Margad
ALTANTSETSEG Purevsuren07-57KOH Carnegie
KOH Carnegie43-21GUNJINLKHAM Tsedevsuren
BATSUKH Sod-Oyu48-16KOH Carnegie
KOH Carnegie32-32SODNOMSUREN Bayanbat
OIDOVDORJ Uyanga26-38KOH Carnegie
KOH Carnegie12-52TUVDUU Erdenezaya
LI Nuoyan33-31KOH Carnegie
KOH Carnegie35-29ALTANGEREL Amar-Erdene
ERDEMBILEG Tsegts49-15KOH Carnegie
SUMIYA Tselmuun17-47KOH Carnegie
WUTONG Ren37-27KOH Carnegie
KOH Carnegie20-44ZHANG Xiaoguo