YONG Jian Rong (Singapore)

1 tournaments
7 results
Player ID: 250402
Rated 33 in Singapore and T539 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T750 in the World
Latest rating: 1460
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee
  • 2022
2022-06-19: Singapore National Championship(Singapore)
YONG Jian Rong22-42HO Jeff
LING Wen Jian22-42YONG Jian Rong
YONG Jian Rong38-26LOK Qi Jun
WU Jin Feng44-20YONG Jian Rong
YONG Jian Rong07-57GOH Li Fan Shawn
NG Beatrice38-26YONG Jian Rong
YONG Jian Rong13-51KHING Kenneth