VINAR Nicole (Australia)

6 tournaments
29 results
Player ID: 260004
Rated 10 in Australia and 1171 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1635 in the World
Latest rating: 22
2023-04-14: Australian Nationals(Australia)
LOW Kang Sheng54-10VINAR Nicole
VINAR Nicole26-38VINAR Bethany
MCINNES Rianah54-10VINAR Nicole
VINAR Nicole25-39MILANKOV Dylan
GIRARDO Robert56-08VINAR Nicole
VINAR Liam20-44VINAR Nicole
2015-07-24: Australian Othello Nationals 2015(Australia)
MILANKOV Shauna45-19VINAR Nicole
VINAR Nicole29-35SHEEHAN Helen
CAIRNS Fleur52-12VINAR Nicole
VINAR Nicole31-33BROOM Adrian
VINAR Nicole36-28BROOM Mel
2012-07-14: Australian Nationals(Australia)
VINAR Nicole16-48CAIRNS Phil
VINAR Nicole18-46THORNTON Andrew
HUBBARD Christopher13-51VINAR Nicole
NGUYEN Hongkong30-34VINAR Nicole
VINAR Nicole02-62HATZI Thomas John
2010-08-28: Australian Nationals 2010(Australia)
FU Amy59-05VINAR Nicole
YANAGI Michiko55-09VINAR Nicole
VINAR Nicole14-50YANAGI Masahide
MACARIO Maria24-40VINAR Nicole
2009-09-19: Australian Nationals 2009(Australia)
VINAR Matt64-00VINAR Nicole
CAIRNS Nathan45-19VINAR Nicole
VINAR Nicole02-62CAIRNS Phil
VINAR Nicole11-53DUFFY Bernadette
CAIRNS Nathan25-39VINAR Nicole
2008-03-08: Australian Championship(Australia)
VINAR Nicole14-50NGUYEN Hongkong
VINAR Nicole14-50HUBBARD Geoff
SONG Danni22-42VINAR Nicole
HATZI Thomas John57-07VINAR Nicole