SKEWES William (Australia)

3 tournaments
15 results
Player ID: 260038
Rated 11 in Australia and 1190 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1610 in the World
Latest rating: 766
2022-08-13: Melbourne Open 2022(Australia)
CHAN Denise36-28SKEWES William
SKEWES William15-49CHAN Ivan
SKEWES William31-33SKEWES Eugene
GIRARDO Robert33-31SKEWES William
HAIN Anthony58-06SKEWES William
2022-04-23: Australian Nationals 2022(Australia)
MILANKOV Samuel42-22SKEWES William
SKEWES William35-29MILANKOV Shauna
HUGHES Scott50-14SKEWES William
SKEWES William11-53CHAN Ivan
GRADIL Daniela17-47SKEWES William
2021-12-18: Melbourne Open(Australia)
SKEWES William14-50CHAN Ivan
SKEWES Eugene22-42SKEWES William
SKEWES William46-18CHAN Denise
VINAR Matt64-00SKEWES William
SKEWES William49-15MILANKOV Dylan