REYES Alejandro (Uruguay)

4 tournaments
38 results
Player ID: 280056
Rated 1 in Uruguay and 17 in North&South America and T626 in the World
Latest rating: 1649
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee
2023-07-16: Campeonato Sudamericano(Argentina)
REYES Alejandro53-11OLIVARES Abril
DOTTORE Matias07-57REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro43-21THIERER Sebastian
OLIVARES Daniel43-21REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro21-43ITURBIDE Paula
COLL Pablo16-48REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro53-11NAKASONE David
REYES Alejandro43-21NAKASONE David
REYES Alejandro32-32ITURBIDE Paula
2022-06-172022-06-18: VII Panamericano(Argentina)
REYES Alejandro58-06CHAUFAN Leonardo
ITURBIDE Paula19-45REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro41-23COLL Pablo
LUCIOLI Juan Pablo24-40REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro25-39OLIVARES Daniel
DOTTORE Matias35-29REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro46-18OLIVARES Abril
LUCIOLI Juan Pablo25-39REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro30-34LUCIOLI Juan Pablo
LUCIOLI Juan Pablo39-25REYES Alejandro
COLL Pablo38-26REYES Alejandro
2018-07-072018-07-08: Campeonato Panamericano(Argentina)
THIERER Sebastian18-46REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro25-39DE CAMARGO Lucas
NAKASONE David38-26REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro56-08COHEN Mercedes
ITURBIDE Paula14-50REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro36-28VAZQUEZ German
OLIVARES Daniel26-38REYES Alejandro
OLIVARES Daniel54-10REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro44-20OLIVARES Daniel
OLIVARES Daniel49-15REYES Alejandro
LUCIOLI Juan Pablo16-48REYES Alejandro
2017-10-01: Amistad II(Argentina)
REYES Alejandro52-12SEIFERT Max
REYES Alejandro50-14VAZQUEZ German
COLL Pablo13-51REYES Alejandro
OLIVARES Daniel50-14REYES Alejandro
REYES Alejandro40-24BERTRANDIAS Marc
REYES Alejandro46-18ITURBIDE Paula
CHAUFAN Leonardo20-44REYES Alejandro