CELIS Gustavo Adolfo (Argentina)

2 tournaments
9 results
Player ID: 280060
Rated 17 in Argentina and 64 in North&South America and 1692 in the World
Latest rating: 375
2019-03-10: Torneo Verano 2019(Argentina)
LISNOVSKY Marcelo64-00CELIS Gustavo Adolfo
CELIS Gustavo Adolfo12-52ROLDAN Matias
CELIS Gustavo Adolfo10-54THIERER Sebastian
CELIS Valentin53-11CELIS Gustavo Adolfo
2018-10-28: IV Olimpiadas de los Deportes de la Mente(Argentina)
NAKASONE David55-09CELIS Gustavo Adolfo
CELIS Gustavo Adolfo21-43FERRO ESCARIZ Federico
MALLEA Ana07-57CELIS Gustavo Adolfo
CELIS Gustavo Adolfo16-48RONDINA Liliana
PELLIZZARI Christian11-53CELIS Gustavo Adolfo