KIM Younggun (Korea)
2 tournaments
10 results
Rated 16 in Korea and 662 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T804 in the World
Latest rating: 1734
2016-12-18: 1st AR(Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon18-46KIM Younggun
KIM Younggun45-19MOON Sungcheol
KIM Younggun23-41NAM Sungwoo
SHIN Donghyeon20-44KIM Younggun
KIM Younggun04-60HONG Jaeseong
2013-01-27: 8st Korea Othello Yipdan(Korea)
KIM Younggun51-13KIM Wangnyeon
LEE Wonjae35-29KIM Younggun
GIM Dongsung61-03KIM Younggun
KIM Younggun39-25HONG Hyungbum
SHIN Youngja11-53KIM Younggun