HONG Jaeseong (Korea)
5 tournaments
30 results
Rated 12 in Korea and 567 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T684 in the World
Latest rating: 1779
2018-01-07: 2 King of Kings(Korea)
LEE Chun Ae26-38HONG Jaeseong
HONG Jaeseong22-42KIM Taeyeon
HONG Jaeseong29-35HONG Hyunwoo
NAM Sungwoo33-31HONG Jaeseong
SHIN Donghyeon12-52HONG Jaeseong
HONG Jaeseong33-31KIM Jungsoo
2017-08-26: 1st Incheon open(Korea)
TATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko30-34HONG Jaeseong
HONG Jaeseong58-06KIM Youngsuk
SUEKUNI Makoto42-22HONG Jaeseong
HONG Jaeseong08-56YAMAKAWA Takashi
KIM Dongsu28-36HONG Jaeseong
HONG Jaeseong26-38OH Joung-Mok
KRAIKOKIT Piamrat52-12HONG Jaeseong
2016-12-18: 1st AR(Korea)
HONG Jaeseong51-13HA Hyosik
LEE Kwangwook40-24HONG Jaeseong
LEE Hojun23-41HONG Jaeseong
HONG Jaeseong30-34MOON Sungcheol
KIM Younggun04-60HONG Jaeseong
2016-06-26: 1st King of Kings(Korea)
SOHR Jaeyoung33-31HONG Jaeseong
HONG Jaeseong38-26LEE Chun Ae
HONG Seonguk27-37HONG Jaeseong
CHUNG Jihoon20-44HONG Jaeseong
HONG Jaeseong28-36KIM Seongchan
HONG Jaeseong46-18AHN Hwimin
2016-04-24: 2nd Myeong-in(Korea)
HONG Jaeseong14-50OH Joung-Mok
KIM Donggyu11-53HONG Jaeseong
LEE Chun Ae31-33HONG Jaeseong
HONG Jaeseong42-22HA Seungsup
HONG Jaeseong55-09SHIN Dukchul
OH Joung-Mok46-18HONG Jaeseong