LEE Hyangsuk (Korea)

2 tournaments
12 results
Player ID: 30401
Rated 20 in Korea and 883 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1115 in the World
Latest rating: 1515
2017-08-26: 1st Incheon open(Korea)
SAWADA Takehiko51-13LEE Hyangsuk
LEE Hyangsuk18-46LEE Geuncheol
SON Beomkeun52-12LEE Hyangsuk
LEE Hyangsuk63-01KIM Yusun
MOON Sungcheol24-40LEE Hyangsuk
SHIN Dongmyung20-44LEE Hyangsuk
LEE Hyangsuk20-44KIM Dongkwon
2016-12-18: 1st AR(Korea)
SHIN Dongmyung13-51LEE Hyangsuk
LEE Hyangsuk54-10SHIN Donghyeon
LEE Kwangwook40-24LEE Hyangsuk
LEE Hyangsuk23-41KIM Seongchan
HA Hyosik13-51LEE Hyangsuk