KIM Dongkwon (Korea)

6 tournaments
38 results
Player ID: 30406
Rated 8 in Korea and 603 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T724 in the World
Latest rating: 1792
2020-01-11: 4 King of Kings(Korea)
KIM Dongkwon31-33OH Joungmok
AHN Taeyoung31-33KIM Dongkwon
KIM Jungsoo46-18KIM Dongkwon
OH Joungmok55-09KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon30-34AHN Taeyoung
KIM Dongkwon44-20KIM Jungsoo
2018-09-01: The 2nd Incheon Open(Korea)
HA Seungsup17-47KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon17-47OH Joungmok
KIM Dongkwon50-14FU Velma
LEE Chunae53-11KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon23-41SOHR Jaeyoung
KIM Jungsoo23-41KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon22-42FURUYASHIKI Ken
2018-04-27: 27th Korea Championships(Korea)
HA Seungsup36-28KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon32-32SEO Youjoon
MOON Sungcheol25-39KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon16-48KIM Jungsoo
KIM Dongkwon50-14PARK Jonghyun
KIM Taeyeon32-32KIM Dongkwon
2018-01-07: 2 King of Kings(Korea)
KIM Dongkwon47-17NAM Sungwoo
SON Beomkeun27-37KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon36-28KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Taeyeon16-48KIM Dongkwon
SOHR Jaeyoung45-19KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon54-10MOON Sungcheol
LEE Chunae21-43KIM Dongkwon
2017-08-26: 1st Incheon open(Korea)
KIM Dongkwon16-48MOON Sungcheol
KIM Dongkwon39-25KIM Jungho
LEE Geuncheol11-53KIM Dongkwon
KIM Jungsoo20-44KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon23-41DONG Zhen
SEO Youjoon48-16KIM Dongkwon
LEE Hyangsuk20-44KIM Dongkwon
2017-01-22: 26st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
SHIN Donghyeon09-55KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon44-20KIM Gyejin
LEE Kwangwook54-10KIM Dongkwon
KIM Dongkwon23-41KIM Kwanyoon
JEON Gunsoo12-52KIM Dongkwon