OH Donghan (Korea)
2 tournaments
10 results
Rated 18 in Korea and 891 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1168 in the World
Latest rating: 1110
2019-07-27: 1st Korea Youth Championship(Korea)
OH Donghan47-17KIM Hayoon
LEE Mikael42-22OH Donghan
OH Donghan49-15GO Bonhwa
HWANG Aram15-49OH Donghan
OH Donghan52-12MOON Junoh
2018-08-19: MSO Othello(Great-Britain)
OH Donghan48-16ESPINOSA OCIO Victor
ZAMA Piero41-23OH Donghan
OH Donghan32-32GUECI Riccardo
LEE Jae-Yun18-46OH Donghan
OH Donghan01-63PUZZO Luigi