SON Jinhyeok (Korea)
2 tournaments
14 results
Rated 18 in Korea and 810 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1003 in the World
Latest rating: 1596
2019-09-28: 5th Korea Myung-In(Korea)
SON Jinhyeok11-53JANG Hyunwoo
KIM Youngbum31-33SON Jinhyeok
OH Joung-Mok53-11SON Jinhyeok
SON Jinhyeok05-59NAM Sungwoo
SON Jinhyeok21-43KIM Taeyeon
AHN Taeyoung33-31SON Jinhyeok
SON Jinhyeok18-46KWON Younghwa
2018-07-07: 4th MyungIn (Korea)
KIM Taeyeon26-38SON Jinhyeok
SON Jinhyeok26-38KIM Kwanyoon
AHN Taeyoung51-13SON Jinhyeok
HA Seungsup35-29SON Jinhyeok
SON Jinhyeok15-49PARK Jonghyun
SON Jinhyeok47-17HONG Hyungbum
SON Jinhyeok42-22NAM Sungwoo