FORMUSA Pierandrea (Italy)

2 tournaments
12 results
Rated 50 in Italy and 378 in Europe and 1624 in the World
Latest rating: 763
2019-02-10: GPI Milano 2019(Italy)
FERRANDO Marco52-12FORMUSA Pierandrea
FORMUSA Pierandrea22-42CHIARULLI Giuseppe
FOSCHI Damiano52-12FORMUSA Pierandrea
FORMUSA Pierandrea24-40SCARPATI Armando
FORMUSA Pierandrea33-31TORMENE Enrico
GIGLIUCCI Chiara45-19FORMUSA Pierandrea
2018-01-28: Milan Open - Italian Grand Prix 2018(Italy)
FORMUSA Pierandrea18-46KASHIWABARA Takuji
GIGLIUCCI Chiara44-20FORMUSA Pierandrea
FORMUSA Pierandrea35-29TOMBERG Marco
PALLADINO Domenico55-09FORMUSA Pierandrea
FORMUSA Pierandrea13-51FORMUSA Luca
VECCHI Maria Serena52-12FORMUSA Pierandrea