BERRUTO Giuseppe (Italy)

2 tournaments
12 results
Player ID: 40225
Rated 50 in Italy and 252 in Europe and 882 in the World
Latest rating: 1087
  • 2024
2024-04-21: Torneo NON GRAN MAESTRO (o Bidello)(Italy)
CAVIOLA Leonardo38-26BERRUTO Giuseppe
ORTIZ Alessandro39-25BERRUTO Giuseppe
BERRUTO Giuseppe32-32LUZI Ilaria
BERRUTO Giuseppe53-11MARIOTTI Andrea
FIORILLO Benedetta15-49BERRUTO Giuseppe
BERRUTO Giuseppe44-20LANDINI Carlo
2024-04-20: Qualificante Gran Maestro(Italy)
BERRUTO Giuseppe10-54DI COLA Severino
LAI Fabrizio61-03BERRUTO Giuseppe
BERRUTO Giuseppe24-40DIODATI Michele
MARCONI Flavio27-37BERRUTO Giuseppe
BERRUTO Giuseppe07-57ORTIZ George
BERRUTO Giuseppe19-45VECCHI Elisabetta