LEE Shui Man (Hong-Kong)

6 tournaments
42 results
Player ID: 4124
Rated 11 in Hong-Kong and 487 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 658 in the World
Latest rating: 1600
2023-11-26: Hong Kong Championship (Hong-Kong)
LEE Shui Man29-35BILL Tsang
YANG Kelvin37-27LEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Man42-22PIUS Sit
DESMOND Wong30-34LEE Shui Man
LI Chun Wan44-20LEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Man57-07HO Yin Chau
LEE Shui Man18-46MADRONA Mario
2019-04-14: Hong Kong Othello Open 2019(Hong-Kong)
LEE Shui Man21-43MA Derek
LEE Chun Kui24-40LEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Man39-25CHUNG Lau Kin
TSOI Chun Yip30-34LEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Man25-39LI Chun Wan
MADRONA Mario56-08LEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Man23-41YANG Kelvin
2015-09-13: 2015 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
LEE Shui Man52-12CHONG Cindy
FANG Randy43-21LEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Man33-31WONG Chi Wah
LEE Shui Man27-37LI Chun Wan
CHAN Lik Fung44-20LEE Shui Man
HUI Chun Kit09-55LEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Man50-14YUNG Yuk Wa
2010-10-05: Hong Kong Othello Championship 2010(Hong-Kong)
LEE Shui Man16-48MADRONA Mario
LEE Chun Wai43-21LEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Man28-36YUNG Yuk Wa
TSOI Chun Yip27-37LEE Shui Man
CHUNG Ka Chai41-23LEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Man46-18MAK Chi Ho
2006-10-01: Hong Kong International Tournament(Hong-Kong)
VAN DEN BIGGELAAR Nickywon againstLEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Manlost toYAN Leong Woo
LEE Shui Manlost toCHOW Ka Ming
NG Man Holost toLEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Manlost toTSOI Chun Yip
SNEEK Marcellost toLEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Manwon againstKWOK Wing Kei
YUEN Kwai Chimwon againstLEE Shui Man
2005-08-14: Hong Kong Championship 2005(Hong-Kong)
LEE Shui Manwon againstLAU Oi Ki
LEUNG Davidwon againstLEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Manwon againstLAM Chung Yan
WONG Ka Hangwon againstLEE Shui Man
LEE Shui Manwon againstHO SO Ming
LEE Chun Kuiwon againstLEE Shui Man