GENDEN Erdenebaatar (Mongolia)

2 tournaments
10 results
Player ID: 440124
Rated 78 in Mongolia and 693 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1039 in the World
Latest rating: 431
WOF online rating: 1736, view profile on Vint.ee
2023-10-21: Chansaa 13, MASTER (Mongolia)
GENDEN Erdenebaatar48-16JAVZMAA Byambaa
STEENTOFT Benkt44-20GENDEN Erdenebaatar
GENDEN Erdenebaatar40-24BADMAABAZAR Azarkhad
RENCHIN Altantsetseg06-58GENDEN Erdenebaatar
GENDEN Erdenebaatar30-34NARANBAYAR Enkhbayar
2019-07-05: Chansaa 4, Adult(Mongolia)
RENCHINNYAM Erdenebileg33-31GENDEN Erdenebaatar
GENDEN Erdenebaatar39-25LUVSANDANZAN Oyunbat
BATSUKH Anarbat30-34GENDEN Erdenebaatar
GENDEN Erdenebaatar44-20VIKTOR Oyuntsetseg
BATSUKH Bolortuul10-54GENDEN Erdenebaatar