MANDAKH Dulguunzaya (Mongolia)
2 tournaments
10 results
Rated 57 in Mongolia and 1113 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1534 in the World
Latest rating: 327
2020-01-18: Chansaa 8, Children 6-9 age(Mongolia)
BYMBATSOGT Enkh-Amidral26-38MANDAKH Dulguunzaya
MANDAKH Dulguunzaya25-39TSEDENSONIN Munkhgeser
ERDENEMUNKH Mandakh44-20MANDAKH Dulguunzaya
MANDAKH Dulguunzaya51-13DAVAASUREN Tsetseigen
BOLOR-ERDENE Bulgan-Erdene31-33MANDAKH Dulguunzaya
2019-10-26: Chansaa 6, Children 6-9 age(Mongolia)
MANDAKH Dulguunzaya26-38BATSELEM Anima
ENKH-AMGALAN Enkhdulguun44-20MANDAKH Dulguunzaya
MANDAKH Dulguunzaya33-31BATMUNKH Tsetsenbileg
TUGULDUR Enkhbilguun29-35MANDAKH Dulguunzaya
MANDAKH Dulguunzaya42-22BATBOLD Nandintsetseg