ZORIGT Buyantogtokh (Mongolia)

2 tournaments
12 results
Player ID: 440467
Rated 76 in Mongolia and 693 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1014 in the World
Latest rating: 435
  • 2023
2023-03-17: Chansaa 11, Dund nas (10-14)(Mongolia)
AMARSAIKHAN Amin-Erdene24-40ZORIGT Buyantogtokh
ZORIGT Buyantogtokh15-49BAT-ERDENE Maral-Erdene
ORGILBOLD Odmandakh22-42ZORIGT Buyantogtokh
ZORIGT Buyantogtokh28-36ENKH-AMGALAN Enkhdulguun
TUVSHINBAYAR Anar46-18ZORIGT Buyantogtokh
ZORIGT Buyantogtokh44-20BATTUMUR Munkh-Orgil
2023-02-10: Chansaa 10, Dund nas (10-14)(Mongolia)
ALTANSHAGAI Misheel37-27ZORIGT Buyantogtokh
ZORIGT Buyantogtokh31-33BATSUKH Idertsogt
TUGULDUR Enkhbilguun07-57ZORIGT Buyantogtokh
ZORIGT Buyantogtokh12-52ERDENEBAATAR Munkh-Undral
ENKHTAIVAN Temuujin02-62ZORIGT Buyantogtokh
ZORIGT Buyantogtokh37-27ONON Tankhilguun