SOMMER Christian (Germany)

5 tournaments
47 results
Player ID: 5331
Rated 6 in Germany and 165 in Europe and 690 in the World
Latest rating: 1560
2021-09-11: German Championship(Germany)
NEUHAUS Sven28-36SOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christian51-13CZYMARA Andreas
BERG Matthias57-07SOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christian20-44BEYER Guenther
AFFATIGATO Carlo30-34SOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christian32-32MURAWSKI Stefan
ABE Tomoko40-24SOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christian12-52ROSSLER Daniel
SOMMER Christian32-32GAERTNER Joerg
2010-08-082010-08-09: Koln International(Germany)
SCHAAF Michaelwon againstSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianwon againstTURNER Kali
SNEEK Marcelwon againstSOMMER Christian
WEBER Gertrudlost toSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianwon againstWINKLER Lars
ROSSLER Danielwon againstSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianlost toMEIBOM Arne
SOMMER Christianwon againstMURAWSKI Stefan
NEUHAUS Svenlost toSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianwon againstFRANSEN Martin
BERG Matthiaswon againstSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianwon againstBLUM Gerhard
SOMMER Christianwon againstBEYER Guenther
2007-08-042007-08-05: German championship 2007(Germany)
BERG Matthiaswon againstSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianlost toQUAZZO Claude
MURAWSKI Stefanlost toSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christian32-32GAERTNER Joerg
MODELLATORE Tonyalost toSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianwon againstMEIBOM Arne
SCHMIDT Sebastianwon againstSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianwon againstPREETZ Sebastian
SOMMER Christianlost toYE Liya
ELGER Marliswon againstSOMMER Christian
2006-08-192006-08-20: Championnat d'Allemagne 2006(Germany)
SOMMER Christianwon againstPRESS Matthias
BERG Matthiaswon againstSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianlost toSCHMIDT Sebastian
ZIMMERMANN Franklost toSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianlost toYE Liya
QUAZZO Claudewon againstSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianwon againstJAHKE Eckhard
ABE Tomokowon againstSOMMER Christian
2005-09-03: Championnat d'Allemagne(Germany)
SOMMER Christianwon againstBOUCHAALA Nicolas
BERG Matthiaswon againstSOMMER Christian
REININGHAUS Martinwon againstSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianwon againstSZYSZKO Krzysztof
MALACHEWITZ Dirkwon againstSOMMER Christian
SOMMER Christianwon againstKLEINECKE Michael
SOMMER Christianwon againstABE Tomoko