VOLVERT Corentin (Belgium)

6 tournaments
33 results
Player ID: 5917
Rated 24 in Belgium and 287 in Europe and 1009 in the World
Latest rating: 462
2022-07-09: Marche-en-Famenne open(Belgium)
BURNAY Sacha13-51VOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentin14-50THIJS Wouter
BURNAY Dimitri50-14VOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentin41-23DEVRIENDT Ferre
VOLVERT Corentin48-16VOLVERT Romain
DE MOOR Nadja42-22VOLVERT Corentin
2014-02-01: Marche-en-Famenne Othello Open 2014(Belgium)
VAN DE ZANDE Josbert64-00VOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentin02-62SCHOTTE Tom
PRASEPTYO Linda64-00VOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentin02-62VAES Dimitri
2009-09-06: Marche en Famenne Othello Open(Belgium)
SCHOTTE Tom46-18VOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentin15-49DARCK Nancy
CANTAMESSA Alessandro64-00VOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentin15-49SAUFNAY Stephanie
VOLVERT Corentin19-45VOLVERT Owen
2008-03-29: Ile de France 2(France)
VOLVERT Corentinlost toDAUBA Cedric
ANDRIANI Bintsawon againstVOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentinlost toCLUZON Gilles
LECAT Moniquewon againstVOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentinlost toMEYER Frederic
2008-02-24: Zonhoven 2008(Belgium)
VAES Dimitriwon againstVOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentinlost toVOLVERT Quentin
VOLVERT Corentinlost toDARCK Nancy
DE BOER Rosalindewon againstVOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Corentinlost toDE BOER Akke-Lien
REUNES Nickwon againstVOLVERT Corentin
HOBO Roelwon againstVOLVERT Corentin
2007-07-07: Tournoi junior d'Ottignies(Belgium)
THIJS Wouterwon againstVOLVERT Corentin
SCHOTTE Bramwon againstVOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Christopherwon againstVOLVERT Corentin
VOLVERT Quentinwon againstVOLVERT Corentin
DREESEN Gunnerwon againstVOLVERT Corentin