GUO Guangcheng (China)

3 tournaments
14 results
Player ID: 60014
Rated 35 in China and 938 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1206 in the World
Latest rating: 1429
2019-05-26: 2019 Guangzhou Trials(China)
GUO Guangcheng00-64WEN Zeshun
2018-11-25: (Broadway cup) - 11 Guangzhou Open(China)
GUO Guangcheng20-44QIU Yifeng
LI Chang56-08GUO Guangcheng
GUO Guangcheng23-41LAM Maverick
GUO Guangcheng44-20LI Yuebo
GUO Guangcheng20-44LIN Jiayi
HUANG Gang41-23GUO Guangcheng
2017-11-19: (Broadway cup) - 10 Guangzhou Open(China)
GUO Guangcheng18-46CHEN Kai
WEN Zeshun06-58GUO Guangcheng
GUO Guangcheng44-20HUANG Jingxiong
GUO Guangcheng24-40FENG Ling
HE Siming24-40GUO Guangcheng
GUO Guangcheng64-00GUO Jiacheng
DONG Zhen39-25GUO Guangcheng