HE Chenghao (China)

2 tournaments
14 results
Player ID: 60031
Rated 38 in China and 1055 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1399 in the World
Latest rating: 1068
2020-09-06: China national open championship(China)
ZHANG Jing26-38HE Chenghao
HE Chenghao00-64LIU Weixing
JIA Baolong37-27HE Chenghao
YU Tao51-13HE Chenghao
HE Chenghao48-16ZHANG Minglong
GUO Peng35-29HE Chenghao
HE Chenghao52-12BAO Rong
2019-11-18: 7 Beijing Open(China)
YU Tao38-26HE Chenghao
HE Chenghao14-50WANG Wei
WANG Xinyuan43-21HE Chenghao
HE Chenghao08-56JIA Baolong
HE Chenghao27-37ZHANG Zhiheng
BAO Zongbo27-37HE Chenghao
LI Lin50-14HE Chenghao