ZHANG Zhiheng (China)

2 tournaments
14 results
Player ID: 60034
Rated 31 in China and T823 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1036 in the World
Latest rating: 1573
2020-09-06: China national open championship(China)
ZHANG Zhiheng35-29ZHU Linyun
WANG Zhongyuan15-49ZHANG Zhiheng
ZHANG Zhiheng22-42WANG Zhen
HU Bei38-26ZHANG Zhiheng
ZHANG Zhiheng50-14GUO Peng
WANG Wei34-30ZHANG Zhiheng
ZHANG Zhiheng34-30WANG Weiwei
2019-11-18: 7 Beijing Open(China)
HU Ying Chong52-12ZHANG Zhiheng
JIA Baolong26-38ZHANG Zhiheng
ZHANG Zhiheng05-59SONG Yan
ZHANG Zhiheng31-33LI Lin
HE Chenghao27-37ZHANG Zhiheng
ZHU Linyun39-25ZHANG Zhiheng
ZHANG Zhiheng32-32BAO Zongbo