REN Wudong (China)

3 tournaments
20 results
Player ID: 60215
Rated 31 in China and 658 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 965 in the World
Latest rating: 678
  • 2023
2023-08-26: 12 Guangzhou open(China)
HUA Zhibin31-33REN Wudong
REN Wudong13-51LIN Lanbo
REN Wudong29-35ZHU Linyun
MA Derek54-10REN Wudong
WU Lei41-23REN Wudong
REN Wudong53-11LI Nuoyan
2023-07-29: Hangzhou Youth open(China)
REN Wudong20-44LV Zimo
HAN Bo05-59REN Wudong
REN Wudong36-28MA Yubo
CAI Luoqi42-22REN Wudong
REN Wudong45-19HA Yuchen
MA Yuhan12-52REN Wudong
REN Wudong42-22ZHANG Xiaoguo
2023-04-29: Hangzhou youth open(China)
KANG Wenlost toREN Wudong
REN Wudonglost toCAI Luoqi
LI Nuoyanwon againstREN Wudong
ZHANG Xiaoguowon againstREN Wudong
REN Wudongwon againstLI Xilai
WANG Liuliulost toREN Wudong
REN Wudonglost toLI Xinboyao