ZENG Yanbo (China)
2 tournaments
16 results
Rated 7 in China and 357 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 421 in the World
Latest rating: 1943
2017-11-19: 10th Guangzhou Open (broadway cup)(China)
HUA Zhibin16-48ZENG Yanbo
ZENG Yanbo21-43FENG Ling
DONG Zhen32-32ZENG Yanbo
ZENG Yanbo51-13HUANG Jingxiong
GUO Jiacheng09-55ZENG Yanbo
ZENG Yanbo26-38LAM Maverick
CHEN Kai23-41ZENG Yanbo
ZENG Yanbo16-48FENG Ling
ZENG Yanbo30-34LAM Maverick
2011-08-07: 6th Guangzhou Open(China)
KANG Lewon againstZENG Yanbo
ZENG Yanbolost toXIE Weiwei
ZENG Yanbowon againstYANG Kelvin
ZENG Yanbowon againstYIM Chun On
ZENG Yanbowon againstYU Jinlei
ZENG Yanbowon againstZHAO Jingtao
HU Yingchongwon againstZENG Yanbo