ZHAO Hongguang (China)

4 tournaments
33 results
Player ID: 7190
Rated 21 in China and 597 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 709 in the World
Latest rating: 1805
WOF online rating: 1849, view profile on Vint.ee
2019-05-26: 2019 Guangzhou Trials(China)
LI Xiaofang22-42ZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguang41-23LIN Jiayi
KANG Le36-28ZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguang26-38HU Ying Chong
ZHAO Hongguang40-24GUAN Jinchao
LI Chang41-23ZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguang09-55LI Chun Wan
HE Siming11-53ZHAO Hongguang
2014-07-20: 9 Guangzhou Open(China)
ZHAO Hongguang18-46ZHANG Huishan
PAN Rui10-54ZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguang37-27WEN Zeshun
LI Ru'An16-48ZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguang52-12FANG Randy
LI Yuebo35-29ZHAO Hongguang
CHEN Zhengyi21-43ZHAO Hongguang
FANG Randy52-12ZHAO Hongguang
LI Yuebo28-36ZHAO Hongguang
2013-07-14: 8th Guangzhou Othello Open(China)
ZHAO Hongguang20-44LI Zhonghong
ZHAO Hongguang31-33ZHAO Jingtao
YU Jinlei28-36ZHAO Hongguang
JIA Baolong34-30ZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguang41-23ZHU Heng
DONG Zhen44-20ZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguang42-22WONG Chi Wah
MAK Wai Tung27-37ZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguang25-39FANG Yuqi
2012-05-06: 7th Guangzhou Othello Open(China)
ZHAO Hongguangwon againstHUANG Zichao
LU Huanqiwon againstZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguangwon againstHE Siming
ZHAO Hongguangwon againstGONG Jingshi
LI Zhonghongwon againstZHAO Hongguang
WONG Chi Wahwon againstZHAO Hongguang
ZHAO Hongguangwon againstYU Jinlei