LI Yuebo (China)
3 tournaments
21 results
Rated 34 in China and 810 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1054 in the World
Latest rating: 1326
2018-11-25: (Broadway cup) - 11 Guangzhou Open(China)
LI Yuebo20-44CHEN Shaodi
LI Yuebo47-17HUA Zhibin
GUAN Jinchao39-25LI Yuebo
GUO Guangcheng44-20LI Yuebo
LI Yuebo31-33CHEN Zhengyi
2014-07-20: 9 Guangzhou Open(China)
LI Yuebo39-25PAN Rui
LUO Jihua26-38LI Yuebo
LI Yuebo47-17CHEN Zhengyi
FANG Randy43-21LI Yuebo
LI Yuebo39-25WEN Zeshun
LI Yuebo35-29ZHAO Hongguang
QIN Jingmin35-29LI Yuebo
QIN Jingmin57-07LI Yuebo
LI Yuebo28-36ZHAO Hongguang
2012-05-06: 7th Guangzhou Othello Open(China)
LI Yuebowon againstWONG Chi Wah
LUO Jihuawon againstLI Yuebo
LI Yuebowon againstYU Jinlei
TSOI Chun Yipwon againstLI Yuebo
GONG Jingshiwon againstLI Yuebo
SHI Peipeiwon againstLI Yuebo
LI Yuebowon againstLIU Jiaxing