LEUNG Kai Wan (Hong-Kong)

2 tournaments
13 results
Player ID: 7211
Rated 10 in Hong-Kong and 417 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 542 in the World
Latest rating: 1732
2021-10-03: Hong Kong open(Hong-Kong)
LAM Maverick32-32LEUNG Kai Wan
LEUNG Kai Wan01-63CHOW Ka Ming
YANG Kelvin54-10LEUNG Kai Wan
LEUNG Kai Wan20-44MA Derek
LEUNG Kai Wan52-12LAU Yiu Chung
NG Lui11-53LEUNG Kai Wan
LEUNG Kai Wan28-36LEE Chun Kui
2012-10-03: 3th Tianjin Othello Open(China)
LEUNG Kai Wan44-20ZHOU Chuan
JIA Baolong48-16LEUNG Kai Wan
LEUNG Kai Wan56-08LI Jin
WANG Wei45-19LEUNG Kai Wan
WANG Wuquan42-22LEUNG Kai Wan
HUANG Gang38-26LEUNG Kai Wan