ROSARIO Fernando (Spain)

2 tournaments
18 results
Player ID: 90002
Rated 6 in Spain and 156 in Europe and T960 in the World
Latest rating: 1637
2018-11-17: Spanish championship 2018(Spain)
ROSARIO Fernando40-24MARTINEZ Oscar
MARTIN Javier29-35ROSARIO Fernando
RAMIREZ Sergio53-11ROSARIO Fernando
ROSARIO Fernando14-50KRACZYK Roman
RUIZ Pascual31-33ROSARIO Fernando
MARTINEZ Oscar16-48ROSARIO Fernando
ROSARIO Fernando23-41MARTIN Javier
ROSARIO Fernando22-42RAMIREZ Sergio
KRACZYK Roman29-35ROSARIO Fernando
ROSARIO Fernando18-46RUIZ Pascual
MARTIN Javier48-16ROSARIO Fernando
2010-09-18: Spanish Championship 2010 - Seville(Spain)
BANDRES Jorge62-02ROSARIO Fernando
ROSARIO Fernando18-46MARTIN Javier
MORENO Borja52-12ROSARIO Fernando
ROSARIO Fernando26-38BUDINO Ricardo
MAZA Santiago21-43ROSARIO Fernando
RUIZ Pascual41-23ROSARIO Fernando
ROSARIO Fernando04-60SAIZ Ruben