BEHR Christian (Germany)

1 tournaments
13 results
Player ID: 9055
Rated 8 in Germany and 197 in Europe and 766 in the World
Latest rating: 1426
  • 2023
2023-04-292023-04-30: European Othello Championship 2023(Finland)
GAERTNER Joerg33-31BEHR Christian
BEHR Christian22-42ROSSLER Daniel
BEHR Christian49-15SLABOV Kirill
DUFOUR Daniel35-29BEHR Christian
BEHR Christian51-13NIELSEN Alberte Josefine
SHIFMAN Micky37-27BEHR Christian
BEHR Christian57-07BARSOTTI Paolo
LAUFER Shachar11-53BEHR Christian
BEHR Christian15-49LEVY Marc
LONNQVIST Tom40-24BEHR Christian
BEHR Christian02-62POYSTI Markku
BEHR Christian42-22GRELLIER Thierry
BEHR Christian10-54FARZANMEHR Mehran