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1st African Othello Online Tournament

The WOF African Othello Confederation will organize the 1st African Online tournament. Players from Africa are welcome to participate.
The tournament will be held at an Othello Online site between 25th May to end of June. 
The tournament is an "not official" tournament. The tournament will not be rated. 


standings -  African Othello Online Tournamnet 2020


Pictures at players of A.O.O.C.

103127700_273791923773756_1947196588409487360_n.jpg 102769768_2605817726403156_810332505155546255_n.jpg 102669546_945738962553530_550935086969907700_n.jpg
Dadié Elisée Florian Klinger Ange Francis Zirimba Ourega Jeannot Loh Ourega
jacobus.JPG kyoko.JPG 103265928_281800436294647_1368628733198634403_n.jpg
Christopher Jacobu Kyoko Morgan Gallo Irene Ourega
Pacome Kouadja    



Registration for 1st African Online tournament is closed 21st May.