European Grand Prix

EGP statistics

A selection of EGP records found on Tom Schotte's full list of European Grand Prix Statistics.


Most EGP tournaments (stages) won overall 27   - Takuji Kashiwabara (FRA)
Most EGP tournaments won in the same season   5  -  Michele Borassi (ITA)  (EGP 2008)
Most consecutive EGP tournaments played 31  -  Dominique Penloup (FRA)  (from Paris 1989 to Cambridge 1996)
Youngest EGP champion  Michele Borassi (ITA),  19 years old (EGP 2008)
Youngest EGP tournament winner Pawel Peczkowski (POL),  16 years old (Gdansk EGP 2004)
Youngest EGP tournament finalist Arthur Juigner (FRA/CHE), 12 years old (Stockholm EGP 2014)
First EGP champion to score maximum points David Shaman (USA), EGP 1996
First player to participate in 100 EGP tournaments Takuji Kashiwabara (FRA), after Rome EGP 2014
First player to participate in an EGP in all 16 host countries Marc Tastet (FRA),  after Istanbul EGP 2023
First woman to win an EGP tournament Katie Pihlajapuro (FIN),  Ghent EGP 2013
First woman to reach an EGP final Velma Fu (HKG), Hoorn EGP 2006
First woman to reach top 4 of an EGP tournament Helena Verrill (GBR), Cambridge EGP 1990


Most participants at an EGP tournament 63 -  Amstelveen EGP 2003 (the Netherlands) 
Most tournaments included in an EGP season 12 -  EGP 2009
Most nationalities at an EGP tournament 14  -  Paris EGP 2000,  Amstelveen EGP 2002, Hoorn EGP 2006
Most EGP stage winners playing in an EGP tournament 11  -  Rome EGP 2010