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The European Grand Prix (EGP) is organized by the WOF European Confederation.
The European Grand Prix (EGP) is a circuit consisting of several major European Othello tournaments. Non-European players are welcome to attend to EGP tournaments.

EGP tournaments are held over two days with seven rounds on the first day and four rounds on the second day. A best of three final and a one game 3rd/4th playoff match are played on the afternoon of the second day.

The overall winner is the player with the most EGP points at the end of the season, where EGP points are earned at each tournament  (see EGP Tournament Rules for more details).

Check out  Othello News for the latest tournament results.

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egp 2024 STANDINGS

WRO -  Wrocław,  Poland
ATH  -   Athens, Greece
VRE  -  Vreeland,  the Netherlands
STO  -  Stockholm,  Sweden







Best 3 scores


 1 Dominik NOWAK poland.png 200       200 200
 2 Takuji KASHIWABARA france.png 140       140 140
 3 Marc TASTET france.png   90       90 90
 4 Pawel PECZKOWSKI poland.png   60       60 60
 5 Milosz CUPIAL poland.png   35       35 35
  Arkadiusz ZIEBA poland.png   35       35 35
 7 Bintsa ANDRIANI france.png   20       20 20
 8 Stanislaw ZDROJEWSKI poland.png   15       15 15
 9 Tomas DOUDA czech.png   10       10 10
10 Michal BUKA poland.png     3       3 3
  Guenther BEYER germany.png     3       3 3