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European Othello Championship 2020, Rome

4 June 2020
Written by Othello News

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The first European Othello Championship was held already 1977. It was a tournament organized by Anjar and was open only for players from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and France. In Oslo it was planned to be an Scandinavian Championship. The winner of this first EOC was qualified to play for this area at the first World Othello Championship in Tokyo same year. However, the winner refused to go to the WOC 1977, and the organizer decided to not continue with the so called European Championship in the future. The organizer Anjar decided that all countries should be able to send one player instead of regions, as WOC is today
Between 1977 and 2005 it was no official European Othello Championship. 2005 the World Othello Federation was started up. One of the first decision the WOF council took was to granted the European Grand Prix winner the title European Champion. They also decided that all winners of the European Grand Prix between the start of EGP 1986 to 2004 also should be called European Champions retroactive. 

This year the European Othello Confederation decided it is time to start a European Championship there the European Champion get the title. The first European Championship will be held in Rome, Italy in beginning of may. The organizer hope for many players. In fact the EOC have all possibilities to be the first tournament with over 100 players! The Europa Othello Confederation have 29 members. Seventeen of them are federations. If all federations try to send at least 5 players each, that is 85 players! And maybe some federations can send more then five players? If we all support the new EOC, we can make a tournament that is very interesting and fun for all players! 
The WOF media team also plan to have some Live TV from EOC. 
Together all we can make the Othello well known in Europa! And the European Championship with many players is a great promotion for Othello!

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