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How often? "Response article"

11 May 2024
Written by Daniel Olivares

This is a response to Carlo´s article How often should I play Othello?
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Online addiction?

I read all the notes that Carlo Afatigatto posted lately. They are great. I really think they are great. Yes, you have at least one fan Carlo, although there probably must be more.
But the last one got me thinking, and I want to write a response at your article How often should I play Othello?.

Why don't you use the word "addiction"? Why don't you use the word "online"?
Of course, we all know what you're talking about, but it's good to call a spade a spade.
Very recently, on the YouTube channel “Club Argentino de Othello”, I uploaded a video that compares the online game with over the board game. And somehow the same thing happened to me.
At one point I mention that online gaming is addictive, yes, I say the damn word, but I add that it is a thorny issue that perhaps it would be good to dedicate another video to it, consulting a professional, and then I continue with the other differences.

Let's say it with all the letters, very big. ONLINE GAMING GENERATES ADDICTION. Furthermore, when we play online you are alone, it is not good to be alone, but above all it is not good to spend a lot of time alone.
It's something we should probably do. Some type of research that reveals, all the last top ten of the world championships, if they believe they have felt addiction at some point in their preparations, and how they believe they have been affected by that sensation. If positively or negatively. Because for us mortals it is easy. It is not good to be on your cell phone or computer all day, period.
During the streaming of the World Cup that Keisuke Fukuchi won, someone made the comment: “How come that boy isn't playing Pokemon?”

I think that's clear. We all know it's much better for our kids to be playing Othello, and not Pokemon. Will Keisuke have achieved his level of mastery by incessantly playing Othello online, or through the teachings of his masters? Or a combination of both?
We owe ourselves a discussion about this topic. Addiction to online gaming is not good. I'll leave you, I'm going to play some games.