THOMAS Gareth (Great-Britain)

2 tournaments
15 results
Player ID: 100049
Rated 16 in Great-Britain and 264 in Europe and 958 in the World
Latest rating: 670
2023-06-24: British nationals(Great-Britain)
THOMAS Gareth19-45TURNER Ian
PLOWMAN Sophie11-53THOMAS Gareth
THOMAS Gareth10-54EVERETT Elijah
THOMAS Gareth14-50HAND David
ARNOLD Roy50-14THOMAS Gareth
THOMAS Gareth08-56CHAPPELL Graham
THOMAS Gareth13-51CHAPPELL Fraser
CHAPPELL Digby49-15THOMAS Gareth
2019-02-09: Cambridge Regional Tournament 2019(Great-Britain)
THOMAS Garethwon againstBYGATE Elizabeth
BARLOW Timlost toTHOMAS Gareth
THOMAS Garethlost toBARRASS Iain
THOMAS Garethwon againstCHAPPELL Graham
CHAPPELL Digbylost toTHOMAS Gareth
THOMAS Garethlost toLEADER Imre