TAKEUCHI Masahiro (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 竹内正洋
5 tournaments
29 results
Player ID: 11327
Rated 65 in Japan and 73 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 80 in the World
Latest rating: 2215
2017-06-18: 45_All_Japan_Kanagawa_prelim(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31TAKEUCHI Masahiro
TAKEUCHI Masahiro33-31NODA Bintatsu
TAKEUCHI Masahiro33-31SAJI Kouya
MITSUYA Nobuaki33-31TAKEUCHI Masahiro
TAKEUCHI Masahiro33-31SUGIMOTO Takaharu
OSATO Suguru33-31TAKEUCHI Masahiro
TAKEUCHI Masahiro33-31TAKEDA Kyoko
2004-03-27: 25_Meijin_open(Japan)
TOKUDA Naoya46-18TAKEUCHI Masahiro
TOMINAGA Kenta34-30TAKEUCHI Masahiro
SANO Hirotaka34-30TAKEUCHI Masahiro
TAKEUCHI Masahiro47-17ONUMA Naofumi
TAKEUCHI Masahiro51-13IWASAKI Takaaki
TAKEUCHI Masahiro49-15SHUICHI Tsuda
2003-03-22: 24_Meijin(Japan)
TAKEUCHI Masahiro39-25TAKENOBU Kosuke
SUEKUNI Makoto42-22TAKEUCHI Masahiro
TAKEUCHI Masahiro52-12ESAKA Akira
TAKEUCHI Masahiro36-28KADOWAKI Toshiaki
TAKEUCHI Masahiro38-26YAMADA Yuichi
KITAJIMA Hideki44-20TAKEUCHI Masahiro
TANIDA Kunihiko36-28TAKEUCHI Masahiro
2002-07-28: 30th All Japan(Japan)
SUEKUNI Makotowon againstTAKEUCHI Masahiro
TAKEUCHI Masahirowon againstFUJITA Takeshi
TAKEUCHI Masahirowon againstHASHIMOTO Yoshiaki
2001-01-07: 21st Kanagawa Open A(Japan)
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstTAKEUCHI Masahiro
HIDA Kikuchiwon againstTAKEUCHI Masahiro
TAKEUCHI Masahirowon againstFURUSAKI Yoko
TAKEUCHI Masahirowon againstOGASAWARA Masayuki
TAKEDA Kyokowon againstTAKEUCHI Masahiro