WATANABE Soichiro (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 渡辺壮一郎
3 tournaments
15 results
Player ID: 11595
Rated T359 in Japan and T404 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T482 in the World
Latest rating: 1909
2018-02-18: 2018_Shikoku_expert_games(Japan)
SUNADA Mayumi53-11WATANABE Soichiro
USHIRO Hideaki34-30WATANABE Soichiro
WATANABE Soichiro33-31IKEDA Atsunori
WATANABE Soichiro34-30MATSUI Takashi
WATANABE Soichiro40-24YOKOYAMA Naoki
2010-05-04: 10_Aki_open(Japan)
KAMEMOTO Osamu43-20WATANABE Soichiro
WATANABE Soichiro34-30OKAMURA Hiroaki
USHIRO Hideaki41-23WATANABE Soichiro
WATANABE Soichiro44-20SASAKI Ryotaro
WATANABE Soichiro39-24WAKU You
2003-02-16: Shikoku Expert Game 2003(Japan)
OKUDA Hiroyukiwon againstWATANABE Soichiro
WATANABE Soichirowon againstMATSUI Takashi
WATANABE Soichirowon againstOSADA Michiko
MATSUYA Shinpeiwon againstWATANABE Soichiro