UENO Tomohiro (Japan)Japanese name(s): 上野友裕
4 tournaments
22 results
Rated 617 in Japan and 734 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 925 in the World
Latest rating: 1543
2018-06-23: 136_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
SUEKUNI Makoto55-09UENO Tomohiro
HORIUCHI Soutarou34-30UENO Tomohiro
MIYAMOTO Taketora33-31UENO Tomohiro
ITO Yuusaku50-14UENO Tomohiro
UENO Tomohiro64-00YAMAZAKI Ken
UCHIDA Koutarou37-27UENO Tomohiro
2011-02-06: 32_Kanagawa_expert_game(Japan)
NOBUKAWA Hiroki55-09UENO Tomohiro
NODA Bintatsu33-31UENO Tomohiro
UENO Tomohiro46-18HANAGAMI Tatsuhiko
UENO Tomohiro37-27NISHIMURA Tatsuyuki
UMEMURA Yuji39-25UENO Tomohiro
2010-10-31: Yakohama_open_2010(Japan)
UENO Tomohiro57-07OOBA Hiromi
UENO Tomohiro33-31FUNATSU Asuka
TAKAHASHI Shiu33-31UENO Tomohiro
SATAKE Yosuke53-11UENO Tomohiro
YOSHIKAWA Takeshi48-16UENO Tomohiro
YOSHIDA Ryota33-31UENO Tomohiro
2010-08-21: 46_King_state(Japan)
UENO Tomohiro35-29OCHIAI Naofumi
SANO Joichiro41-22UENO Tomohiro
TAYAMA Tsubasa39-24UENO Tomohiro
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki39-25UENO Tomohiro
SATO Ryu34-30UENO Tomohiro