UEKI Kyoichi (Japan)
2 tournaments
12 results
Rated 237 in Japan and 274 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 317 in the World
Latest rating: 2014
2017-01-08: 101_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
ISHIKAWA Hikaru44-20UEKI Kyoichi
UEKI Kyoichi43-21WATANABE Keiichi
HAYASAKA Toshie56-08UEKI Kyoichi
UEKI Kyoichi47-17SHINDO Aoba
UEKI Kyoichi32-32OHNO Atsuko
UEKI Kyoichi52-12ISOBE Masaki
2012-08-05: 3_Kanagawa_cup(Japan)
NODA Bintatsu45-19UEKI Kyoichi
UEKI Kyoichi37-27KUNIO Yukihiro
OCHIAI Naohumi34-30UEKI Kyoichi
FUNATSU Asuka38-26UEKI Kyoichi
SANO Fujiwara47-17UEKI Kyoichi
UEKI Kyoichi52-12INOUE Masaru