ITAGAKI Ryuichi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 板垣龍一
4 tournaments
27 results
Player ID: 12954
Rated 754 in Japan and 895 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1114 in the World
Latest rating: 1544
2019-06-02: 33_Kawasaki_open(Japan)
ITAGAKI Ryuichi40-24HIROSE Yoto
ITAGAKI Ryuichi44-20KITIGAWA Seigi
NODA Bintatsu43-21ITAGAKI Ryuichi
URANO Kento52-12ITAGAKI Ryuichi
IZURA Daisei55-09ITAGAKI Ryuichi
ITAGAKI Ryuichi38-26NAGAOKA Koudai
2018-11-04: 110_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
KOMORI Kento51-13ITAGAKI Ryuichi
TSUCHIYA Shotaro40-24ITAGAKI Ryuichi
ITAGAKI Ryuichi43-21TANAKA Ayano
TAYAMA Tsubasa35-29ITAGAKI Ryuichi
ITAGAKI Ryuichi46-18SAKMOTO Asaku
URANO Kento40-24ITAGAKI Ryuichi
KANAFUJI Hisaki34-30ITAGAKI Ryuichi
NAITO Atuki40-24ITAGAKI Ryuichi
2018-09-03: 109_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
YASUI Takao43-21ITAGAKI Ryuichi
ITAGAKI Ryuichi37-27IKEGAYA Harune
ITAGAKI Ryuichi49-15ITO Souma
TAKAI Hidetaka43-21ITAGAKI Ryuichi
ITAGAKI Ryuichi54-10HAGIHARA Mizuki
SHIOSAWA Kousuke39-25ITAGAKI Ryuichi
2013-08-04: 4_Kanagawa_cup(Japan)
ISHIKAWA Akira58-06ITAGAKI Ryuichi
TAKAYAMA Akihiro47-17ITAGAKI Ryuichi
ITAGAKI Ryuichi39-25INOUE Masaru
NISHIYAMA Momoko38-26ITAGAKI Ryuichi
KOSAKA Yudai50-14ITAGAKI Ryuichi
OSATO Suguru51-13ITAGAKI Ryuichi